Birgit started learning classical guitar at the age of eight and took weekly lessons until age fourteen. Ten years later she taught herself how to play the five string banjo using tablatures.  Now she firmly believes that this method is not ideal for playing bluegrass style music.

 In 1999 Birgit came to Acadiana, Louisiana and learned how to play Cajun style fiddle by attending many local jams. She was a nuisance amongst the local musicians, her kids rolled their eyes, her dog forgot that she was house broken, and only her cat was a loyal fan until she sounded somewhat tolerable.

 It has been about a decade since Birgit started with this instrument. She learned this playing style purely by ear and found this method the most enjoyable one. Playing fiddle is still her favorite time for spending time away. Since she started freelancing with other bands she barely ever plays by herself anymore. Its just not as much fun. She is a member of the Cajun French Music Association and has participated in the making of two CDs. One of them “Le Couleur de Notre Sang” received a nomination by the CFMA.

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