Mary Lou





BIRTHDATE:  12-06-46 / Catholic

PARENTS:  Galvey Vincent, Sr. & Irene Verot Vincent

SIBLINGS:  Galvey Vincent, Jr., Genevieve V. Dupre, Rochelle V. Richard

 MARRIED:  1966 to Nonc Jules Guidry


1967 Kimberly A Guidry, daughter

1987 Guy B Guidry, Son in law

2002 Ian Reese Guidry, Grandson

ADDRESS:  515 Louveteau Rd, Carencro, LA 70520


Housewife, Mother, Grandmother, Practical Nurse-OLOL Hospital, E W Wynn M.D. J E Daigre M.D., John Bernard M.D.

Professional-Award winning certified ceramic artist & instructor for Duncan & Reward Products.

Professional-Award Winning- :Porcelain reproduction doll artist, antique doll collector, heirloom seamstress for antique dolls.

Jewelry designer & creative artist & rosary maker.

Musician-Rhythm guitar & vocalist & songwriter.

Tour guide-artisan, adult & children's workshops, cajun music dance instructor and musician at Vermilionville, Recreating Acadian traditions and promoting the Acadian heritage, culture, language & dance.

Volunteering at local schools, genealogy society organizations, and nursing homes in Louisiana and Texas and etc for the promotion of the Acadian Heritage, Culture & Music.


1965--Northside High School, Lafayette, LA

1967--T.H.Harris Vo-Tech School of Practical Nursing.

Graduated as a Certified Ceramic Instructor for Duncan Products.

Graduated as a Certified Ceramic Instructor for Rewards Products. 


1951--Piano Accordion lessons

1954--Trumpet lessons- My dad purchased me a trumpet and I enrolled in the school band.

I struggled to learn the trumpet. I was the only little shy girl in a group of 9 boys.

1956--I learned to play the Clarinet and continued playing until 1965

1964-1965--I learned to play the Alto Clarinet & Contra Bass Clarinet for the Concert Band.

1986--My Dad gave me his rhythm guitar and with great encouragement I started to learn how to play it.

1989--I further took Rhythm Guitar lessons with Mr. Lara Prejean-Professional Instructor.

1992--I also took Rhythm Guitar lessons with Mr. Kevin Berzas--then guitar player for the Mamou Playboys.

1963--I learned baton twirling.

1964-1965-- I was the featured Fire Baton Twirler in the high school band.


1987--Recorded on a 45 record with Nonc Jules & Lachez-Les Band - played a percussion instrument, the Cabassa.

1988--Played Cabassa & Triangle

1991-1998--Played Rhythm Guitar in the band of Nonc Jules & "Lachez-Les"

1991--Recorded on Nonc Jules & Lachez Les album "Live at Vermilionville" Vocals & Guitar.

1993--Recorded on cassette album, vocal and guitar, "Live at Vermillionville" with Nonc Jules & Lachez- Les Band.

2001--Recorded on the “La Bande de la Maison a Vermilionville” Vocals and Guitar.

1994--Recorded vocals on a song, La Grieve-The Robin, on the "Cajun Heartland Album"

1995--Recorded on the “Cajun Heartland” CD album the song “La Grieve” as special guest vocalists with “La Bande Passe Partout”.

1996--Was nominated for Best Female Vocalist of the year by the Cajun French Music Association's "Le Cajun Music Awards Program”.

1996--Filmed by the QVC Shopping Network while playing Cajun music at Prejean's Restaurant

1996-2003--I played rhythm guitar and sung every weekday afternoon along with the Vermillionville House Band and on several occasions for special tour groups visiting Vermillionville.

1997--Filmed by Fox TV Baton Rouge for Sessame Street Children's TV Program & advertisement playing Cajun Music rhythm guitar, with Danny Collett on accordion & with the Sesame Street Big Bird on the stage at Vermilionville.

2012--Recently filmed at Vermilionville for the Australian Today Show live, along with Nonc Jules, D'Jalma Garnier and Burnel Moreau.

1990--to Present-Filmed & Featured in many travel magazines and playing Cajun Music and promoting the Acadian Culture, Music, language & traditions.  

I consider myself very honored to have been able to play Cajun Music with some great musicians, Nonc Jules & "Lachez-Les", Blackie Forestier & The Cajun Aces, Kermit Venable & the Beau Basin Band, Gerald Cormier & the Breaux Bridge Playboys, Earl Broussard & Cajun Pride, Aldus Roger and the Lafayette Playboys, Joe Lirette and La Bande Passe Partout, Kevin Vincent and Friends Band, Morris Ardoin and the Creole Band & etc.

I have also had the opportunity to play Cajun Music with Reggie Matte, Calvin Hollier, Johno Frishberg, Merlin Fontenot, Ron Keddy, Beau Thomas, Harry Lafleur, Don Duet, Joe Lopez, Lee Benoit, Danny Collet, Percy Boudreaux Jr., Glenn Jagneaux, Keith Dupuis, Andrew Guidry, Glenn Montet, Travis Matte, Chop Chapman, Clarence Denise, D'Jalma Garnier, Rufus Thibodeaux, Tony Thibodeaux, Jason Bergeron, Vin Bruce, D L Menard, & many other musicians at Cajun Music Jam Sessions and house parties, etc...

I have played Cajun Music at Vermillionville Bayou Historic Attraction from 1990 to the present, Natchitoches Folk Life Festival for nine years, Mulates Restaurant in Baton Rouge, Enoch's Restaurant in Shreveport, Waco Community College in Waco, Texas for a concert and a cajunmusic workshop, Action Cadjiene Cajun Association, Grant Street Dance Hall in Lafayette, Acadiana Catfish Shack in Lafayette, Lache Pas La Parole at Micheal's Ballroom in Lafayette, KC Hall & the FOP Hall in Baton Rouge for the CFMA dances, Acadian Village, Cloutierville Heritage Festival, Swamp Festival at the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans, National Waterways Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana Highway Dept. Convention in New Orleans, Prejeans Restaurant in Carencro, Chez Pastors Restaurant in Lafayette, Mudbugs in New Orleans, Jackson Brewery & Crystal Palace in New Orleans, the Cajun Queen Tour Boat along the Vermilion River, the Hilton, the Triangle Club in Scott, the Louisiana Crawfish Convention at the Cajun Dome in Lafayette, wedding receptions, private parties, tour groups, funerals & etc.

As a child growing up, ever since I can remember, my family always had a great interest in music. My Father enjoyed playing rhythm guitar, fiddle and accordion for his own and our families enjoyment. He and my mother loved various kinds of music but most of all the Cajun Music.

When I was 7 years old my father purchased a piano accordion for me and then enrolled me in private accordion lessons for 7 months. I loved the music, but I was not happy doing this. I was a very petite child and I had a very hard time holding the accordion on my laps. My father then sold the accordion and purchased for me a trumpet and I enroll in the school band. After being in the band for several months it continued to be quite a struggle for me to play the trumpet and I was the only little girl in a group of 9 boys. Then in 1956 I wanted to join the school band and play clarinet. I began to progress into High School and then learned how to play the Alto Clarinet and the Contra Bass Clarinet. During my senior year of school I was a majorette and the featured Fire Baton Twirler. My parents were very proud of me, especially my Dad. Finally I was playing a instrument.

After graduating from High School and Voc-Tech School for Practical Nursing, I married a wonderful man Jules Guidry who was the Accountant for CODOFIL. He retired from CODOFIL after 35 years of State Service. He produces his own Cajun Music Program, Le Bal de Dimanche Apres-Midi, every Sunday afternoon on KRVS Radio 88.7 FM in Lafayette, LA for the past 29 years. He has a Cajun Music Band, Nonc Jules & "Lachez-Les" for the past 26 years. I have been playing rhythm guitar and vocals with his band for the past 26 years. Jules plays accordion, harmonica, triangle & vocals. 

I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to play Cajun Music with many great musicians (previously mention) and I am very honored that I was able to take private lessons from Mr. Kevin Berzas, who taught me the Rodney Balfa Style of guitar playing.

I enjoy playing and singing and I have very much respect for all musicians, past and present and the different styles of Cajun Music. I have played cajun music every weekday afternoon with the Vermilionville House Band since the beginning of 1996 to 2003 and I continue to play as part of the house band for special occasion at Vermilionville. I have had many occasions to share my Cajun Culture & Heritage while greeting locals and tourist as a Tour Guide for children and adults. I teach Cajun dance and rag-doll workshops, also I teach making Mardi Gras Masks & Cabochons, I demonstrate quilting, rosary making, jewelry making and heirloom hand sewing and at the same time recreating the traditions of our Acadian ancestors. I live my Cajun traditions and customs thru my work at Vermilionville and also help preserve & promote my Cajun Heritage. This labor of love has been very enjoyable for me and I do this not expecting any special recognition.












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