Rita Myers LeJeune from Esterwood, wife of John and now lives in Crowley.  Her parents were Ellis & Emilie C. Myers.  When asked how did she get interested in Cajun music, Rita said, "Cajun music is not something that I got “interested in” it was something that was always there, for me, it was something that had to come out."  She began performing Cajun music in public at age 50. She plays accordion, guitar, drums, and now learning to play fiddle.  She admits she is not a song writer.  When asked what was her favorite Cajun music experience she said as a young child going to radio station KSIG in Crowley to watch a live broadcast of a Cajun Band with Jerry Dugas.


Rita has played live for radio KGOM at Bourques Club, sister station to KSLO in Opelousas.  She has played at the Rice Festival in Rayne, Senior Citizen Expo, Mardi Gras, Council on Aging, charity functions, church functions, and nursing homes.  She has led a monthly jam session at the American Legion Home in Crowley for many years.


She loves all Cajun songs and not sure that she has any favorites, just loves them all.  Maybe one song stands out by Vin Bruce, “Dan le Sude de La Ville”, (In the Heart of the City).


Her plans are to continue playing her music.  She speaks fluent French.  Aside from playing music, her next best hobby is cooking and sewing.  When asked is she has ever received any awards, she said yes, one, The Pioneer Award by Helen Boudreaux.  Her band name is "The Esterwood Cajun Band".


Rita has performed with Jessie Leger, Leo Abshire, Wilton “T-Bob” Babineaux, Milton Adams, Aldust Roger, Joe Bonsol, etc. She says she does not have any preferences on musicians, loves them all.  She has cut one CD titled “Jamais Trop Tard” (Never too Late).


















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